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Innovation has been a hallmark of GHD’s 80+ year history as a professional services company.  However, with the growing pressures of ageing infrastructure, skills shortages, environmental and safety concerns, GHD recognised the need to adopt a more structured approach to solving the subsequent challenges. Through experience with our own award winning Innovation program and working with clients, GHD has developed tools and methodologies to drive valuable outcomes.

Productivity improvements, efficiency gains, value engineering, innovation:  frequently used words, but how do we make them tangible?  GHD can assist you in transforming these words into something meaningful and inspiring your people to deliver great results.  We provide innovation services in the following areas:

Organisational innovation

If you are looking for improved productivity, operational cost savings, or new revenue streams, then GHD can help.   Our defined, scalable and proven approach to innovation provides an effective way to tap into your workforce, capture ideas and deliver value. 

Project innovation

“To keep up with projected global growth through 2030, it will be necessary to spend US57 trillion [on infrastructure]"McKinsey & Co. March 2013.

GHD’s innovation framework can help project teams deliver this infrastructure within time, budget, resource and environmental constraints. Our proven approach is a cost effective way of using the collective knowledge of project teams, and capturing and prioritising valuable ideas to deliver.

Technology and R&D innovation

If you are looking to implement new ideas, or commercialise your own ideas, then GHD can tap into our global knowledge network to provide technical assessment and commercial analysis.  With acc­­­ess to a global market, including technology adopters and researchers, we can help identify appropriate partners and clients to deliver on your ideas.

Tangible outcomes

Each of our services provides opportunity for top and bottom-line revenue generation or cost savings:

Innovation tangible outcomes

Complimentary Platforms 

theZone and PIVOT are online idea management Platforms.  They enable participants within an organisation (theZone) or a select group of organisations  (PIVOT) to crowd source ideas, collaborate, and vote in a transparent and structured approach. This helps to ensure resources are spent on delivering the most valuable ideas.  GHD uses and recommends these platforms as a compliment to offline services and activities.   The platforms are offered by the Innovation Interchange

To read more about GHD's Innovation program, click here

For further information contact:

Jeremy Stone
T: +61 3 8687 8341
E: Jeremy Stone

Victorian Innovation Voucher Program


GHD sourced, evaluated and filtered over 40 different Victorian-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the Victorian Innovation Voucher Program. 18 of these SMEs were provided with innovation and commercialisation Mentoring and Partnering services delivered by GHD’s technical and commercial specialists. Activities focused on identifying opportunities for SMEs in the sectors GHD operates in and trialling their technologies to verify their value in new markets.

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Smart SMEs Innovation Commercialisation Program & Victorian Action Plan for Small Technologies


In 2012 GHD entered into a two year agreement with the Victorian Government to help develop and deliver a comprehensive Innovation Commercialisation Program for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). GHD’s support included:

• Developing and delivering an end-to-end program for SMEs; including B2B mentoring and partnering and online innovation platforms for idea management and industry collaboration.

• Designing, building and managing an online innovation hub (Innovation Interchange It currently has some 200 member organisations including infrastructure managers, technology providers and associates.

• Coordinating events and information sessions to promote the program to the Victorian industry (with more than 100 organisations attending).

• Identifying and evaluating SMEs with innovative solutions to water challenges.

• Qualifying 12 commercially ready SMEs for participation in innovation and commercialisation Mentoring or Partnering activities with GHD.

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Review of commercialisation opportunities


GHD was engaged to review commercialisation opportunities of AWECOE’s current R&D portfolio. The AWRCOE invests in industry research projects nationally and internationally, to improve sustainable water supplies and ensure market adoption of world leading research. The project involved extensive stakeholder consultation with both project partners and industry professionals. GHD developed an opportunity matrix, providing a transparent, evidence based and repeatable assessment of commercial opportunities for research projects globally. GHD then provided assistance to the Centre in successfully pursuing and securing these opportunities in the market.

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A- Z Services


Jeremy Stone

key person image

Jeremy was responsible for the planning, design and implementation of GHD’s award winning global innovation program which he now manages. His specialist team commercialises new ideas crowd sourced from GHD’s 8,500 people, provides a range of innovation consulting services to assist business growth and engages with industry through initiatives such as Smart Seeds (

Jeremy has worked with governments and private industry to build innovation capacity from identifying opportunities and delivering new ideas and concepts that add value through to reviewing or establishing innovation programs and hubs.

Jeremy established and managed GHD’s Asian operations and was a member of the Strategy Committee that developed and launched GHD’s globalisation in 1999. He has held the position of Non-Executive Director for a number of companies, with involvement primarily relating to strategy, global operations and governance. His infrastructure project experience is wide ranging, from small to multi-billion dollar projects in the sectors of water, transportation and urban development. He has lived and worked in a variety of locations around the world (lived for 14 years in Asia and the UK).

Group Manager, Innovation
+61 3 8687 8341
E: Jeremy Stone

Matthew Bowler

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Matthew has a diverse background combining commercial, legal and technical qualifications and experience with management consulting. This flexibility to respond to the different perspectives involved in any commercialisation activity has always led to positive outcomes for our clients

Matthew has an extensive knowledge in valuation of intellectual property and has led the successful commercialisation of more than 60 technology portfolios since 2013, including 15 innovations generated by our people at GHD. His services have included developing commercial strategies, locating appropriate partners and pilot test sites and ultimately facilitating market adoption by overseeing licensing or sale of technologies to Australian, Chinese and global consortiums.

Matthew has also led the formal commercial evaluation of several multi-billion dollar programs of investment, including R&D and innovation programs, as part of State and Government due diligence processes on large investments.

Matthew leads the management of GHD's commercialisation opportunities as well as those of our clients and business partners.

Commercialisation Manager, Innovation
+61 3 8687 8780
E: Matthew Bowler

Claire Dixon

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Claire has a unique set of skills from over 12 years’ work in roles including innovation management, engineering and design, project management, strategic planning and stakeholder consultation. She has experience developing and delivering successful innovation programs within organisations, as well as on major infrastructure projects across the private and public sectors.

In addition to her work with the global innovation team, Claire has also served as Innovation Leader for GHD’s Victorian (Australia) offices. Through this role she has developed specialist skills in facilitating innovation workshops and has gained a firm understanding of practically developing a company culture that fosters innovation. Claire was also heavily involved in the design and establishment of Smart Seeds ( which was piloted in Victoria.

Senior Innovation Consultant & Senior Water Engineer
:  +61 3 8687 8668
E: Claire Dixon

Mary Papachristos

key person image

Mary has over 20years’ experience in the management and delivery of R&D programs, Innovation, Knowledge Management, eBusiness applications and commercialisation strategies within the public and private sectors throughout Australia. Blending her skills as a consultant and practitioner, Mary’s extensive knowledge in government liaison, national and state grant funding, technology assessment, the establishment of strategic alliances with research providers and the introduction of intergovernmental interoperability initiatives has resulted in streamlined processes, improved products and services efficiencies.

Senior Innovation Consultant
:  +61 8 6222 8032
E: Mary Papachristos

Myles Coker

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Myles Coker has over six years’ experience collaborating with industry partners to deliver innovation, engineering and research projects. Working with global networks in-country and remotely, Myles is able to connect ideas and people to drive collaboration and innovation. A proficient project manager and excellent communicator, he is well-practiced in coordinating and delivering strategic, technical and commercial projects. Myles’ skills extend to program and product management, driving the commercial success of GHD’s innovative ideas and technology.

Myles works across the following key areas of GHD Innovations:

·         Designing and facilitating innovation programs

·         Identifying and pursuing new market opportunities for technology

·         Building organisational capacity to innovate including campaign support and workshop  facilitation.

·         Coordinating the global Smart Seeds program

·         Driving the commercial success of GHD’s ideas and technology

Innovation Consultant
:  +61 3 8687 8141
E: Myles Coker

Julie Frost

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With an Industrial Design and entrepreneurial business background, Julie’s services have a strong user centred, business objective driven approach. Her hands on experience in start-ups over the last 10 years has given her a diverse skill set including; opportunity identification, idea conception and analysis, web portal design, market research, business and commercial analysis, communications, marketing and workshop design and facilitation.

Julie was previously GHD’s Innovation Leader for GHD’s New South Wales (Australia) offices and has a strong sense of the opportunity and challenges of implementing organisation-wide innovation programs.

Since joining GHD, Julie’s lateral thinking combined with a flexible skillset and her drive for excellent client service have contributed to the management and growth of GHD’s internal Innovation program and growing services to our clients and partners.

Innovation Consultant
T: +61 7 9239 7027
E: Julie Frost

Lyna Astley

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With a background in finance, Lyna is a committed and highly motivated professional with over 10 years’ experience in Business Development and Account Management.

Since joining GHD Lyna has developed a variety of unique skills which involved maintenance and monitoring of several innovative platforms, training on innovative initiatives both internal and external, system and database management, user acceptance testing and development.   

Lyna enjoys high interaction with people to develop and deepen commercial and personal relationships, whilst having the ability to coordinate a range of projects and activities, effectively prioritise work, organise work flows and meet deadlines.

Client Service, Innovation
+61 7 3316 3902
E: Lyna Astley