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Oil and gas pipelines are the backbone of the energy industry in Australia. As the demand for these resources increases, particularly with the recent emergence of coal seam gas, gas-fired power stations and LNG prospects, so does the demand for pipelines and associated facilities to transport products from the field to the customer.

Community expectations demand that pipelines and facilities are designed and constructed in such a way that the risk of harm to the public is minimised.  Pipelines projects must also be delivered with minimum impact on the environment and cultural heritage whilst providing a return on investment for pipeline owners.

Pipeline and associated facility design and maintenance are subject to stringent codes and regulatory requirements which aim to achieve safe operation through design life.

GHD's Chemicals team are experienced in all phases of pipeline and facility design but also offer capabilities in many aspects of chemicals including:


  • Conceptual planning and optimisation studies
  • FEED & Detailed Design
  • EPCM services
  • Project management
  • Project cost estimation
  • Risk & integrity assessment
  • Design life review & technical due diligence


  • Gas transmission & distribution pipelines
  • Compressor facilities
  • Gas treatment facilities
  • Gas metering & regulator stations
  • Pig launchers & receivers
  • Liquid product pumping stations
  • Cathodic protection & corrosion monitoring
  • Carbon Steel, HDPE and GRE piping design
  • Power generation, SCADA
  • Transient hydraulic modelling
  • Stress & fatigue analysis
  • Pipeline route selection and alignment

For further information, contact:

Malcolm Rushin
Service Line Leader, Chemicals – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 7 3316 3000
E: Malcolm Rushin


Dave D'Amico
Service Line Leader, Chemicals - North America
T: +1 716 856 2142
E: Dave D'Amico

Davenport Downs Compressor


The capacity of APA Group’s Carpentaria Gas Pipeline (CGP) is progressively being increased by the installation of additional compressor stations at existing scraper stations along the pipeline.

Davenport Downs Compressor Station is located in Western Queensland and is the second stage of the CGP upgrade. Davenport Downs is a Class 900# station, designed for 175 terajoules per day compression capacity.  The station consists of a Solar Centaur C50 compressor, an inlet filter coalescer, an aftercooler, two 126kilowatt Gas Engine Alternators, gas regulation and filtration skids and various site buildings.

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Jackson – Moomba Oil Pipeline


The objective of the Jackson – Moomba pipeline from Jackson in southwest Queensland to Moomba in north eastern South Australia is to optimise the transport of oil from Jackson fields to Santos’ existing Port Bonython facility just north of Adelaide. 

GHD provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) for the oil pipeline and facilities. Which had an initial operational capability to pump 2,880 m3/d (18,000 bpd).

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Munmorah Gas Pipeline Storage Project


Jemena’s Munmorah Gas Pipeline supplies and stores gas for the 667 MW Colongra Gas Turbine Station near Newcastle, NSW.  The “linepack” pipeline was the first of its kind in Australia and is also the largest diameter licensed gas pipeline in Australia at 42”.  The project included a pressure regulation station which contains the largest water bath heater in Australia.  GHD provided engineering design from feasibility studies through to detailed design and provided support during construction (by Diona).

The pipeline service is unique as it provides fuel gas for the “peaking” power station which is only brought online during times of peak electricity demand.  While the power station is offline, the pipeline continues to receive gas over a 24 hour period and acts as a storage vessel.  As the instantaneous fuel demands exceed the pipelines capacity to supply gas when the power station comes online, the power station draws down on the stored gas (linepack) in the pipeline over a 3 to 5 hour period.  This allows the Owner freedom to purchase and store gas while the spot price is low and supply it during peak periods when the prices are high, therefore maximizing return.

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Planta Petroleo


Inspección de construcción y montaje planta de almacenamiento y distribución de petróleo Diesel - Región de Antofagasta, Chile.

Copec contrató los servicios de GHD para realizar la inspección de la construcción y del montaje de la planta de almacenamiento y distribución de productos terminados en su planta de Mejillones, ubicada en la Región de Antofagasta en el norte de Chile. Los servicios de inspección técnica consideran destinar en terreno un equipo de profesionales multidisciplinarios para controlar y hacer seguimiento a los contratos que se tienen en la construcción del proyecto. Entre las actividades a inspeccionar se encuentran: movimiento de tierras, fundaciones de los estanques, muros de contención, acceso a la planta, y construcción y montaje de dos estanques de almacenamiento.

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Sydney Primary Loop


Jemena’s Sydney Primary Loop (SPL) is a 29km DN500 pipeline which runs through south western suburbs of Sydney from a connection to an existing section of the DN550 primary loop pipeline at Casula and ties in into the existing DN550 primary main pipeline at Marrickville.  The SPL pipeline connects two major Jemena Gas Networks primary mains, thus enabling continuity and reliability of gas supply if the supply on either is interrupted.  The SPL pipeline also provides further opportunity for development of the gas distribution network in Sydney area.

The facilities and stations on the SPL pipeline include Automatic Line Break (ALB) main line valve stations, a Primary Regulator Station (PRS) at Moorebank and a Trunk Receiving Station (TRS) at West Hoxton.  GHD was selected by Jemena to undertake engineering design and construction support for the pipeline and associated stations.

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Malcolm Rushin

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Malcolm has more than 23 years’ experience in the oil and gas, and hazardous chemicals industries. His experience spans all phases of project design as well as construction, commissioning and operations roles in South Africa, the UK and Australia. Malcolm joined GHD 14 years ago and has had technical and project management roles on process plant and pipeline projects as well as GHD operational roles.

Service Line Leader, Chemicals – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 7 3316 3000
E: Malcolm Rushin

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