GHD announces its largest office in North America

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5 January 2017

GHD is excited to announce the amalgamation of its Waterloo, Ontario, operations into a flagship facility located in Waterloo's "Idea Quarter". This new facility demonstrates GHD’s continued commitment to the region and to expanding its full-service, diversified technical services business in North America.

The development of the 455 Phillip Street location provides GHD with a unique opportunity to create a space that fosters collaboration and is adaptable to its growing and evolving business. Waterloo’s Idea Quarter at the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, is a novel community-based research park at the University of Waterloo. The Idea Quarter consists of 3.2 million square feet of office space, 16,500 tech workers, and 20,000 co-op students.

GHD plans to relocate to the new facility, which will be the largest location in its 4,000-person North American operations, beginning in December 2017.

“The new 100,000 square feet of building space will improve our ability to collaborate and work together. The move also reaffirms our commitment to staying in Waterloo Region and to contributing to the community here,” said Steve Quigley, GHD’s General Manager - North America. GHD’s 500 Waterloo region-based people who work in six separate locations will be moving into the new space.

“It is wonderful that GHD is a major player in this community, nationally, and internationally and that they have chosen to consolidate their work here in Waterloo Region,” said Ken Seiling, Regional Chair of the Region of Waterloo. “Our Region is home to many professionals and GHD continues that proud tradition. Its new home will also place it next to one of our new ION stops, both forward looking and part of our future.”

“I am pleased that GHD has committed to staying in our community for the long-term. GHD and its people have supported our community through collaborations with local businesses, economic development, employment and a continued support in hiring, to date, over one thousand local co-op students from our post-secondary institutions,” added His Worship Dave Jaworsky, the mayor of the City of Waterloo.

GHD’s presence in the Waterloo Region goes back to 1976. The company grew from five people and established itself as a committed member of the community. From its roots as a local firm focused on environmental and municipal engineering, it grew tremendously over the years to its current scope of services that supports a wide range of global clients in the public and private sectors, in the markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.

GHD announces its largest office in North America

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